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Quantium 110 DiaLOG

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The Quantium 110-DiaLOG (Q110-D) combines Tokheim’s standard commercial dispenser with our most advanced fuel management system (FMS), DiaLOG. The result is a compact, innovative dispenser that is powered by Tokheim’s robust and reliable components. 

With just one Q110-D you can control multiple dispensers and fuel types across your site. This level of integrated intelligence saves time and effort, allowing your operators to dispense fuel and manage consumption with greater ease.

Q110-D, the commercial dispenser you can rely on

The Q110-D is part of Tokheim’s Quantium series, designed to provide you with a quality solution that you can rely on. It is a single-product system, allowing you to dispense one grade of fuel up to high speeds. The dispenser comes with the option of one or two hoses. The Q110-D provides a fuel-dispensing platform for customers looking for a high-quality commercial fleet pump, with more simplified fuelling options than the Q210-D.



DiaLOG: A smarter fuel management system

With a sleek and contemporary user interface, the integrated DiaLOG fits neatly within the Q110-D model. Vehicle and driver identification takes place at the pump by contactless tags, magnetic cards, electronic keys or through SmartFuel, our automatic vehicle identification solution. A robust alphanumeric keypad allows for additional information input such as PIN codes, mileage and hours. DiaLOG’s two-line display provides a crisp display of digital characters and units. This multi-language display provides enhanced functionality in any lighting conditions.

Global Components

Wherever it operates in the world, the Q110-D benefits from a range of components that are designed to operate in all conditions. This is important as the variety and quality of fuels differs from region to region. Designed around the innovative Tokheim meter, the Q110-D units are designed to operate in the toughest conditions reducing the number of interventions or need for servicing. A reduced level of drift, combined with a robust technology provides the industry’s leading return on investment for a quality entry-level dispenser. More on TQM

Quality and Reliability

At Tokheim we strive to create the world’s most reliable products. We’re a company that prides itself on the quality of our dispensers. Our iconic logo even comes stamped with the word ‘QUALITY’. The Quantium dispenser range provides our customers with not only innovative products, but ones that have improved uptime and last longer in the field. The Q110-D is no exception, ensuring you receive a product that looks


good and operates as it should. Our panels are made up of treated powder-painted aluminium cladding – providing long lasting life, in the harshest conditions. It is the result of years of hard work and innovation, with a huge focus on attention to detail. The most robust and modern materials have been adopted in the design to ensure reliability and compatibility with a range of fuels.


Energy Consumption

The Q110-D is one of Tokheim’s most energy efficient fuel pumps. It uses components that require less power and we use energy management software to help reduce the amount of power required. The lower power consumption significantly reduces your energy bill over the dispenser’s lifetime, and you can be sure that you are doing your bit for the environment.