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Tokheim’s Integritas range provides a complete set of environmental and wetstock management solutions. We offer a variety of systems – from entry-level probes right through to head-office wetstock management packages.

Tokheim’s environmental systems ensure peace of mind for your business in today’s challenging business environment. Our Integritas wetstock solutions allow you to manage fuel throughout your network, track 

inventory & delivery information, and ultimately increase your profits. The Tokheim Integritas series provides choice to you, the customer.

Our complete solution ensures you are totally compliant with local legislation. And by choosing Tokheim you know that you will have the backing and support of the world’s leading fuel management service providers.

6 Benefits of Integritas
  1. Greater Choice – we provide and install a wide range of cost-effective tank gauge systems that allow you to manage your fuel.
  2. Integration of your systems – Tokheim’s solutions are designed to connect to other equipment across your service station, so you get the most from your on- site selected products and systems data.
  3. Allows you comply with Health & Safety legislation – the tank gauge helps you work and be audited effectively in today’s highly regulated business environment.
  4. Increase control over site inventory and deliveries – know exactly how much fuel you receive on every delivery.
  5. Prevents truck haul backs and site run outs – up to the minute information lets you know exactly how much fuel is required or is remaining in your tanks.
  6. Saves you time and money – reports are available at the touch of a button hence reducing paperwork, working hours and wages.